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2 thoughts on “Recording Remote Video Podcast Interviews on Mac”

  1. Thanks, great tips man!
    We just bought Wirecast from for powerful live stream applications and I think it solves some of the challenges, but it’s not cheap!

    I kinda laughed, because we want to do remote interviews also, and we just started talking to some peeps yesterday.

    Would you be interested in an interview with us?

    1. Yea at $500 to $1,000 that is expensive. I’ve tinkered with Wirecast before (I think an older version was a part of a MacHeist Bundle or something else). Works well for live video but didn’t do what I needed/wanted for this – Plus my goal was to do this as cheap as possible. This solution actually doesn’t cost anything, but is a bit more technical than I care for.

      I’d be game to get be a part of whatever it is you’re doing. Just loop me in an let me know how to be a part of it. Hit me up via email, twitter, whatever and we’ll make it happen.

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