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About Paul

Paul Prins is a
nonprofit advocate,
software engineer,
event organizer,
and artist.

Paul has been building software, and helping nonprofits since the late 90’s. He founded his first company – Midwest Skier – when he was only 15 and which he sold in 2006. Currently he lives in Paris, France where he runs Fresh Vine (founded in 2007).

In the past decades his experince has spanned nonprofits, startups, global corporate leaders, and numerous side projects. His expertise as a full stack software engineer and architect gives him a valuable and unique skillset. Beyond the technical Paul is comfortable in executive settings, helping others develop professionally, and providing hands on leadership to a number of organizations.

Paul has worked with

And many more organizations.

You can connect with Paul online

Twitter: @PaulNonprofit | LinkedIn: PaulPrins | Github: PaulPrins