A people centric remote first tech leader based in Paris

Growing up building technology from Minneapolis to Paris.

“Ever since my first software company at 15, I’ve loved how technology connects people, fosters community, and makes a difference in the world.”

Paul has been building software, and helping nonprofits since the late 90’s. He founded Midwest Skier in 1998 when he was only 15. It grew into an industry leading bespoke social platform, producing freeskiing events, two action sport films, and more. Midwest Skier was sold in 2006.

The following year, Paul founded Fresh Vine to help nonprofits foster and manage their communities. Fresh Vine continues to run, and serve communities around the world. In 2016, he moved to Paris, where he continues to live today.

Over the past decades his experience has spanned nonprofits, startups, global corporate leaders, and numerous passion projects. Paul is a proven and capable leader, is comfortable in executive settings, helps others develop professionally, and provides hands-on leadership to a number of organizations.

His expertise as a full stack software engineer, and software architect pairs with his studies in business and psychology. A unique combination that gives him a valuable and impactful skill set.


Some Professional Details

Full Stack Leader

  • Leads with Empathy & Clarity: People generally desire to do good work. Being understanding, helpful, and clear allows me to lead teams working towards success each week.
  • Culture Building: The company culture can help drive belonging, innovation, and outcomes. Paul is a positive force for inclusive and empowering cultures.
  • High Emotional Quotient: Ever building his EQ capacity helps him support people, improve his flexibility, and navigate conflict well.
  • Technical Translator: Explaining technical solutions in faithful ways to get buy in from stakeholders.
  • Data Driven Decisions: Using internal and external data to inform the decisions that are made to address risk and increase buy in.
  • Strong Communicator: To say things well, and with frequency, helps unify vision, direction, and values.
  • Storyteller: Humans are story driven creatures. Leaders need to tell compelling stories to bring value and meaning to our work.
  • Public Speaker: Paul is a gifted public speaker who is able to command a presence with small groups or to audiences of hundreds. He has an approachable and conversational style and tone.
  • Cross-Cultural Competency: Having a love of cultures, studying, and living as an immigrant has helped developed awareness and skills that help cross-cultural teams.
  • Project Management: Seeing projects through by breaking down work into distinct tasks within resource restricted environments.
  • University Studies: Paul has degrees in Psychology & Business (Service Management), Fine Art, and a Masters degree in Divinity.

Full Stack Engineer

  • Development: Experience in building and maintaining complex web applications, development and production environments, with integrated unit testing. He has experience working with streamlined or complex deployment systems.
  • Backend: PHP (since v2), nodeJS, Ruby/Rails, C++, C#
  • Frontend: JS (prefer vanilla), React, Angular, SCSS, Modern CSS
  • Infrastructure & Security: Apache, Ngnix, Docker, DNS, Mail daemon, CRON, TLS/SSL, CI/CD, AWS (EC2, SES, S3, Route54, RDS, and more alphabet stuff). Server management and scaling since 2000.
  • Data: mySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, webSQL, IndexedDB
  • Compliance: PCI, SOC2, GDPR, PIPA
  • Frameworks: WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, Drupal, D3
  • Mobile: React Native, Ionic
  • Desktop: Electron, QT
  • Embedded: C++ deployed on Particle.
  • Other:
    • Custom visualizations for PowerBI
    • Libraries in both PHP and JS.

Organizations Paul has Helped