A photo of me enjoying the warm weather on a patio in my neighborhood in Paris.



I’m Paul Prins.
A founder, manager, software engineer, writer, and artist.

Building Relationships
Building Technology
Building a Better Future



Broad Leadership Experience

He helped pioneer Freeskiing in the late 90s, nurtured MN Startups, empowered nonprofits, and supported French Startups along with CAC40 leadership in France. He has built and managed teams in a variety of contexts. Through mentorship and managenment he has helped talented individuals across industries.

People Centric

The stories of people and their needs drive his work. Helping others do good work, make a difference, and reach goals is an endlessly rewarding challenge. Individually and together, he wants each person to live a good life. Lives where their careers contribute to their complex & unique richness.

Software Engineering

Midwest Skier was founded by him in 1998. He built out a robust social & video platform and has written code ever since. Proficient in dozens of languages and modern approaches to development. He brings over 25 years of full stack experience and a love of the web.

Remote First

Building relationships and working online is full of unique challenges. Being remote is where he thrives. Since the late 90s, he has been cultivating and fostering community online. Both for work and passion projects.

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