Five Star Day!!

WOW, so today just kicked ass and was uber krad. Not only did ned come over and work for a while and get a ton of amazing design work done. I really don’t know how his brain works sometimes but I love the work that he does. He’s really going to end up going places in life. Later on chris jones came over to edit and we went and re-filmed an interview I screwed up doing and now it looks amazing, thanks a ton chris. The DVD will be done by this weekend, I can sense it.

In other news of the day I got a call from Red Bull regarding the advanced copy of the proposal that I sent them. Needless to say they continue to show me all the love that they possibly can. Coming in very big for the event next season in their sponsorship for the rail jam. On top of that I get to meet his boss on Wednesday morning/noon to sit down and just hang out for a while, go over the event and make my presentation to her and might even get some more money out of the deal. Either way it will be great practice for me in presenting this, since I really haven’t thus far to anyone. If I screw up with her it also won’t effect the amount that they have set aside for me, just my chances at more.

Well I’m still on cloud nine from that, my dream competition could be coming true very soon (as in THIS FEBRUARY!!) so please continue to pray for it and for me. It’s only by God’s sheer grace that I’ve been able to get this far and do this much. One can only wonder what he has in mind for me come the future.

Take Care and God Bless every one of you,