Mentorship will Change your Life

With my first startup back in High School I lucked out by having people enter into my life to mentor me and provide guidance. As I got older, and started my current endeavor I noticed that it required a lot more energy and intentionality on my part to connect with mentors. I’ve had dozens of mentors over the last 15 years of my life that have transformed me, and what I do.


Note: This series is written from my experience running a tech start-up. The exact same ideas and principles translate to our ministry life.

Before you pursue mentorship its critical to discuss ourselves as the mentees first. There are people out there who are brilliant at what they do, and who might be willing to help you excel as well. Yet before any of this happens you must be able to live in a learning and humble posture.

Are you able to accept the following?

  • Some/All of your fundamental assumptions about your business could be wrong.
  • Everything you have done over the last 3 months could be for nothing.
  • When great ideas interact and engage better ideas emerge.

If you can accept these realities, and understand that to grow ourselves/businesses/ministries we need to live in a posture of learning. If you cannot live in this posture, I don’t recommend wasting your time, or the time of your mentors. However, if you can… read on!

Three Keys to being mentored

The Difference Great Mentors Make
Finding Mentors worth your Time
Communicate to Maximize your Mentorship

Photo Credit: Montage Communications