Optimizing our App while moving

It has been a bit of a crazy last two weeks. Aside from moving into a new unit (now on the top floor with a great view, and almost no noise!), I’ve been working my butt off on stuff for nineteen05. It’s so excited to see how far everything has come in the past year. It is almost unbelievable.

I was trying to remember back when I was first integrating the podcast  features and it seems so long ago that I just assume that it was and has always been there. Finally to the last two major pieces of development, as it was laid out in January 2008. The thought of having all the initial development completed is astounding to me.

We can hardly wait to drop this who app on the church community as a whole. The first major introduction is coming in March. I’d say more but I figure making you wait is just as much fun.

Well I must be going. Have to finish putting everything away before my wife gets back from spending time with a friend. Will try to post a new photo of our view soon.