Resigning from my Chair at AmCham

I have stepped down after more than 3 years serving a chair for the startup & innovation committee (NextGen) at the American Chamber of Commerce in France. It was an honor and privilege to serve in this capacity. The hundreds of hours that I donated to help advocate, support, and help network startups in France was worth it. When I accepted this position back in in November 2017 I was excited to take what Jason McDonald had begun, and build on it. After several months time passed finding two others to lead along side me we started officially in April 2018. Thank you to the four people who lead NextGen along side me over these years – Audrey GOUACHE, Maroiane NAMMI, Guillaume BENDIYAN, and Laure MENANT – and to the great staff I was fortunate to work closely with at AmCham – Giulia BUTTINI, Anaïs BALLANGER, Mathilde CLAUSER, Lara ELKAIM, and Louise MOULIÉ.

Over that time we were able to host many events, startup competition, and happy hours. I was able to make new friends, help foster relationships, and try to bridge the gap between the major corporate members of AmCham and the startups creating innovative goods/services. Beyond NextGen I was fortunate to be able to mentor two young professionals through the Mentorship Program at AmCham. Those relationships were highlights of their respective years, and I wish both of those women the best in their careers ahead.

After over three years it was time for me to step down. I had not imagined that three years would go past so quickly, and it was roughly the amount of time I had imagined I would spend in this role. Leaving now is bittersweet as France is close to allowing events to restart. Yet the last year has helped me realize that my priorities have shifted, and I am looking forward to the next ways that I will be able to serve great people and organizations in France.

For all of you who came to any of the events, who sat on panels, who supported us with your time and money, and to all who allowed me to serve and lead for these past years. If there is anyway I might be able to help you going forward please ask.

Here is to what is ahead for NextGen, AmCham, and for myself.