Sitting in Duluth

Well I got up here alright, everything is going really well. I only forgot three things that I know of so far, the trophies (which have been made and paid for already, just forgot to pick them up!), extension cords, and the digital camera battery charger. So I really can’t complain. I have everything else that I need. Currently I’m downloading the patch so that I can use the printer from my laptop, although I was pretty sure I had already installed it when I was at school, I guess I didn’t.

I’m really not looking forward to tomorrow morning. The directions I got from the station sounded confusing enough and there is some road closed and I need to get up at around 5:00 so that I can get there in time. I will probably come back and fall asleep again afterwards. I mean I don’t even know if I should shower tonight or tomorrow, will they be fine with my hair wet? Because it can tell you right now that it will be.

Tonight I figured out how to get internet in the room, which is key because now I can update the website with results the night after each event and include photos and it’ll be super rad. I’m pretty excited about that.

To sum up the last two days, amazing and way to short. I know I’m just sitting around right now writing a stupid journal entry but I cress-crossed my way around Duluth today and I know that tomorrow will only be worse. The jones brought up one of chris’ friends, Andy Giebe and he is really a cool guy, spent the afternoon driving around with him and just talking. It’s cool that he’s finally over his, you’re paul, phase. I can’t stand it when people treat me like anything else then that, a person. I feel such pity for people with true fame, it is a lifestyle I’m not sure I could handle.

I’m starting to get more comfortable talking about God with some of the guys up here already, which is a really good thing. Looking forward to meeting april tomorrow, meet sumi today and he seems alright. Well I’m off to run around some more and be all crazy like.

Take care and God bless,