Your First 100 Customers: Ideas for Lead Generation and Closing

A group of 50 people collaborated during MinneBar around how to get sales rolling in our start ups. We generated two separate lists to reference when an afternoon becomes open. Make sure to come back to this for reference in the future. If you have more ideas make sure to leave it in the comments and I’ll update the lists.

Ideas for Lead Generation

Finding New Customers:
The first half of our time will be talking about lead generation. Where do we look when our friend and acquaintances are sick of us. Without leaving it up to the mystery of the internet. Come prepared to share your strategies to strike gold.

Ideas for Closing Deals

Closing Each Deal:
With each lead being so precious, how can we give ourselves the best chance of closing the deal. In the second half of the time we’ll collaborate around how to do this well. This is an often over looked aspect of getting your customers signed up.

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