Chosen to Pitch at Rise of the Rest

I’ve been working on a startup, Fresh Vine, for the better part of a decade. Up until this point we have kept what we’ve been doing pretty close to the chest. It wasn’t out of some grand strategy of ours. Rather its from person struggle to not be the slimy person always talking about themselves.

Reality hit earlier this summer. Fresh Vine is amazing. Yes there will always be more to do, and a future that is brighter then today. But we’ve been breaking the odds ever since we started. We’re going to have our best year, and last month was our best month ever.

I made the decision to throw our hat into the Rise of the Rest ring for their $100,000 pitch competition here in Minneapolis. To my delight, I found out earlier today that we were chosen to pitch along side 7-9 others.

It’s time we transform the way that organic non-profit communities run. It’s time to give them tools that will make the corporate world jealous. It’s time to help more of them change the world – one person at a time.

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