Namestorming for your nonprofit or biz? Try this site out

I am coming out of a process of doing some brand development work for some upcoming projects over at nineteen05 and I came across this great tool –

With one simple search the site pings against popular social media platforms (facebook, twitter, linkedin, flickr, digg, and others), and common domain extensions (com, net, org, info, biz, me, tv, co, us,, es…). I found that when we were spending time brainstorming up names and concepts this site streamlined the process of searching through the whois database for domain names and then checking up on social platforms (we only really cared about facebook/twitter/flickr for our purposes).

So if you are in need of a quick check to see what is available out there for that brilliant name you have come up with for your business or ministry – make sure to hit this site up.

I’ll make sure to post some more information on why we were doing branding work in the coming weeks. In the mean time enjoy the holiday season and all of the beautiful weather outside!